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Welcome to slice-of-life desktop pop, presenting a collection of four songs for the four seasons, with synthesized lead vocals using AquesTone and UTAU.

Upon completing “Feel Sunshine” for the Minna no UTAU “United Together Around UTAU” project, I noticed that I created a song for each of the four seasons and resolved to make this EP, which collects them. The versions heard are new for this release, containing edits and new instruments and voices.

To Let Me Know You’re Alive

For Battle of the Bits Winter Chip 9.

You make the sound I can’t ignore… to let me know you’re alive.

My first completed SID. Created with Deflemask, which was a stronger tool than I had expected. The C64 sound chip has a lot of unique characteristics that I didn’t expect to be implemented into a tracker that can program for many sound chips.

[Minna no UTAU 2013] United Together Around UTAU

I’m glad to have been a part of this project, a CD sold at an event in Japan. Much thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work.

Includes songs by nostraightanswer, CircusP, XueLotte V,Plus/Minus, GowitheBeat, MystSaphyr, Aster Selene, Cdra, donotcrossP, EmpathP, Halo, KANGDAMIN, KreamMisha, PandaLolii, 赤シャツP, and others.

My song is called “Feel Sunshine.”

Full credits are at Details about the event at

Now that the event is over, it can be purchased via mail order to addresses in Japan though Melonbooks. News regarding rest-of-world distribution is forthcoming. Details will be provided once available.

Pictures of Success

Player appears above

This won SounDevotion Competition Round 75!

Pictures of Success is a song by Rilo Kiley.

When a person is late paying a utility, the company will send a bill on an alternate colored paper, like pale blue, pink, or yellow, to warn the person that disconnection is imminent, hence “the bills keep changing colors;” I’m not sure if this sort of thing is done outside the US.

This was the second to last vocal I rendered with the Megpoid Gumi English demo before it expired. I didn’t finish making it right away because the cover song I released before it flopped badly, but considering the “special theme” of “commercial sound” and temporary covers allowed, I thought it might be good to give it a try here.