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At the Cave Entrance, Where the Fairy Queen Waits Inside

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For SounDevotion Competition Round 55.

The optional theme was video game music, so I went for a 90s RPG.  Compositionally, I’ve done this sort of thing before, so the goal for this song was to refine the sound more.  The main “instruments” here are the VSTs Chip32 and Synth1.

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Geocache (Release and Prototype Mixes)

Geocache used in the Geocaching sport.
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The 2009 RPM Challenge gave me my second most popular song by listens and the only song that generates consistent sales for me, a track called “Geocache.”  It began life as a “One-Hour Compo” piece done during that certain February, it was poorly mixed and arranged, and it was appropriately voted 12th best of 14 entries.  When I listened to it, though, I noticed I had some really good chords and melodies, and that given a better mix and arrangement it could be a strong.

Click here to follow my attempt at the 2011 RPM Challenge.

And many thanks to all around the world that have made this song a success.