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It’s a New Day

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It’s a New Day

Someday always disappears into blue
The wave never breaks the way you want it to
It’s a new day

The rain means the same thing that it always does
The pain subsides although it still exists because
It’s a new day

I should probably mention that although I am playing on coincidences of the times in this tune, my politics are (lowercase ‘l’) libertarian, that is, that I place the freedom of the individual above all else in politics. The inaugeration of Barrack Obama was not a perfect day as far as that goes (as I could care less about the greater social changes Obama preaches) but it is a huge day for individual freedom and racial equality.

I do believe that better times lie ahead; these are the kinds of days that little kids will ask us about when we’re all in our 70’s or older. The speeches sampled demonstrate that our world and my country have been through far worse than the current times.