Copyrights & Licensing

Most of the pieces featured here are released under the Creative Commons license called Attribution-Non-Commercial.  This means that for the songs I have composed, you may use the recordings downloadable through the links there for any purpose that is not for generating revenue, under the condition that you let people know that the music was created by me.  A more thorough explanation of Creative Commons licensing is explained here:

The license can be read in plain-English (to be understood by artists and the general public) here:
The license itself (as written for lawyers to read) is here:

Exceptions to this are remixes and covers; basically speaking, the songs that don’t belong to me.  The copyrights in such songs belong to the individual song’s author(s).  (I will do my best to note them as such.)

The advantage is that it is perfectly legal for you to copy and distribute my music to any of your friends (as long as you don’t turn a profit from it.)  This also makes almost all the music here podcast safe.

The disadvantage is that by forbidding commercial use in the Creative Commons license, you may mistakenly believe that my music cannot be used for anything else, but this is not the case.

At the moment, the commercial performing rights for the songs that are a part of Release Zero are covered by BMI.  Other songs will be registered in the future, as well as any “album” or collected works for simplicity’s sake.  I have also begun to move stronger songs to where commercial sync licenses and such can be easily purchased.

If you would like to use my music in a project in a purpose not mentioned here, if you want me to join a performance rights organization in your country (so that you can have commercial airplay and DJ rights too, eg. for Germany, Japan, or Argentina) or if you just have questions about what I’ve written or about what rights are reserved, you may send me an email at chunter (underscore) (one) (six) (at) pobox (dot) com, or simply leave a comment on this page.  Thank you for your interest!


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