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Simple Things

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The DSK plugins tax my poor laptop’s CPU so badly that I decided to make a terse solo piano piece. Sixteen tracks later, it became this. I created it by soloing the tracks as I went, then rendering to test the mix, over and over.

Drums are from mini drumZ if I remember right, the VST disappeared when I optimized.

I’m actually very happy with the result I got from this. I used automation on some of the VST parameters to control decays and bends and such in ways I never could with midi sequencers, and if they’re paying attention, I bet the DSK plugins wouldn’t be so bad on my PC if they didn’t have all those effects on them (which I shut off anyway!)

This tune won SounDevotion Competition Round 39!



Hello world!

My music needs to be consolidated in a more unified home; it is my hope that this blog can do the job.

I got a complaint that there is no one simple way to collect music that I’ve made and posted to the internet. was supposed to fill that need but people don’t seem to know to go to it anymore, and besides, its interface is a bit dodgy and this Xanga blog is becoming quite a mess with my ramblings, Twitter imports, and other junk messing things up.

I also got an titlebar, so if you visit you’ll see all my little social engines collected in one more organized place.