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Video and wrap – Gamesboro near Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA) 8/28

I want to thank Gamesboro for having me perform on a very interesting night.

Most of the entertainment of the night could not make it, leaving only four of us with myself closing off the night to an audience that exceeded my expectations.  The store made a great venue, the staff were great, and the audience attentive; I would definitely do this again.

There were a lot of lessons that I take from this experience and I hope that this event becomes annual or semi-annual in some form.  Thanks to all that were there.


Gamesboro near Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA) 8/28

When I first saw the post advertising a chiptune show being set up so near to where I live, I knew I had to make  a point to attend it at the very least.  In the beginning, I didn’t think I’d be able to perform at it, but after some thought, I realized that I have plenty of material to draw from and I have the equipment to be able to perform. It’s an honor to have had someone select me to perform in a show that will be headlined by Minusbaby, and it’ll be nice to meet E.S.C. and Goatslacker and many others on the bill; I’m looking forward to August 28.

More details in the post that announced the show in the first place:

Edit 8/18- Ticket presales through the GSU bookstore: