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REMIX – capslock by Mick Rippon

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SounDevotion round 43 was a remix round, the challenge being to remix any piece by classic and current module tracker Mick Rippon.  His great works can be found at

This is more like a cover with slight rearrangement than a remix, though I have deliberately tried to create this from memory- some samples were taken from the .mod file but none of the note data was used. The note data was referenced only once because I couldn’t get the notes in the panflute hook right.

Listen to the original to find out how much better Mick is at note embellishment than I am, and also to study the masterful use of four columns.

I remember copying this to a tape with a handful of other .mod and .sid files I found in an FTP site. This was part of my introduction to what a tracker can do, and part of how I learned that music can be passed along and preserved in ways that do not require a record contract. It is also part of my appreciation for those that can do a lot with a little; when this tune was originally created I was still using MIDI sequencers and was trying to escape a sound that was called “cheap” and “quirky” when I should’ve worked harder at giving that sound more personality.

Mick Rippon’s music, and music like it, are influential to this sound; the notion of creating the best music you can with the equipment and software you have at the moment.