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Broken Machine

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A garbled wall of happy ambience, made for the Battle of the Bits’ Ann Arbor 8 mix contest.  The samples for this mix were very lush and large.  The lesson I take from this round is that the lush samples can do a lot of work if you leave a lot of space in the mix for them, otherwise, they have to be filtered, thinned, and chopped down so that the big sounds don’t beat each other up.  Just as a composer should work with a variety of sounds and styles, a good mix should have a good range of sounds- small. medium, and large.

Congratulations to µB who won the contest by creating a very fun song from the same pallette of sounds.


3 thoughts on “Broken Machine”

    1. Nice site, CitizenX, that’s the sort of thing I’d have put on late at night when I still lived in the midwest.

      Ambient is a bit more of a “learning purposes” music for me, though I do own some Basic Channel (they’re more minimal) and once worked with a producer that has a background in it (DAC Crowell really is doing a kind of Musique Concrete for the current day) I tended to like more accessible sounding stuff, like The Orb (which are really mixed-up Dub.)

      I used to like to listen to a show called Musical Starstreams:
      when it was a weekly syndicated regular over-the-air radio show. (In the 90’s I carried a Walkman with a very potent radio.)

      Sorry your comment took a while to show, it was stuck in the spam blocker.


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