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We Hold These Truths (lyric and vocal by essesq)



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For SounDevotion Competition, round 51.


This airy piece uses synth and drum loops created with Native Instruments‘ Kore Player (using Haiku, Linus, and Flengoland presets,) Green Oak’s Crystal, and LinPlug’s FreeAlpha VSTs.  The sound I was trying to create was that of the college radio electronic music shows I’d listen to in the late 90’s, with the voice of the DJ listing the track titles ducking the atmospheric music.


The vocal is a recording Creative Commons licensed “Attribution” by essesq and can be downloaded on its own by clicking here. It is a most excellent explanation of the Creative Commons purpose and cause.


We hold these truths to be self-evident
That all art is created equal.
That it is endowed by its creators
With certain unalienable rights
That among these are
The right to be protected,
The right to be shared, and
The unfettered right to inspire others.


We the people,
Creators all
Demand absolute determination
And dominion
Over works of our own creation.
We will not be restricted
By the tyranny of copyright lobbyists
Nor will we be denied
The protection of the laws of our land.


We seek not destruction of the artistic landscape
But its development
In the fertile ground
Of the digital age.


Orthodoxy is the enemy of freedoms,
Change their natural child.
In this land
Of refuge from oppression,
Freedom of expression can and should
Mean freedom to share.
One, without the other, is useless.


Freedom to contract,
To bargain and exchange
Whatever currency we choose
Money, hugs, laughter, tears, music, poetry, images
At soul’s length, not at arms length.


We the artists place our trust
In one another, not just in God.
We are not afraid
That the pie slice will be too small
To line our pockets.


(…we already know that it is….)




Single Tracks, Vocal

(You Made Me Feel) So Damned Good

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A rushed entry made for the remix contest Detroit VI.  I like to do these because the samples are usually so off-the-wall that they throw you off guard and require creativity. I wish I didn’t have the trip in the middle so I wouldn’t feel so rushed, but really appreciate the new rules, which made my entry possible: competitors had a greater deadline of a week, within which you may spend 48 consecutive hours creating your piece, starting from when you download the samples. I hope those rules remain in effect because I never feel like I use all the tools at my disposal when I create these things, even though I’m always surprised at the results.