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No Estoy Seguro (I’m Not Sure)

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This won SounDevotion Competition Round 61!

My goal was to make a song for the “rock” genre, but then I recorded the motif and thought that it wasn’t that hard.  Next I thought I could call this a Porcupine Tree pastiche, that’s almost a genre. I briefly considered making it an “instrumental” but it didn’t sound right with the drums taken out.

As for the speech synth vocal, I thought to myself that my grandmother wouldn’t like that I wrote a song in Japanese before I wrote a song in Spanish.

Thanks to nys in for help with the melody.

No estoy seguro que puedes oirme,

No sé si ves a me,

pero espero que conoces mi sentimientos y comprendes mi pensamientos.

Pienso a tí, y no estoy preocupado con las palabras ultimas te dijome.

Espero que tú puedes orgulloso de mí.

Hecho de menos a tí.

I’m not sure if you can hear me,

I don’t know if you’re watching me,

but I hope you know my thoughts and understand my feelings.

I think about you, and I am not bothered by the last thing you said to me.

I hope you can be proud of me.

I miss you.

Dennis Ritchie, Creator of the “C” language and co-xreator of Unix is dead at age 70…..all programmers owe him a moment of silence.