My instruments: Compaq Evo N800v

For the past four years, most of the music made on this site was produced on an old laptop I bought while on vacation; sold as surplus from some place of business that no longer needed it. I wore out its hinges and plugs, and held the screen up with a shelf bracket. Its 802.11g had some sort of hardware failure causing a BSOD every time I turned it on, so it was always tethered to a network after that; not long after its battery quit.

Despite that I got another two years of music (and blog posts and graphics) out of it and believe it or not, though I have its replacement (I’ll write about it later) and intend to retire it, it still works despite being fragile. I wanted to make sure I got as much out of it before it catastrophically died. I have no complaints.

Leave a comment if you are interested in any particular instrument or software I use, and I’ll write about it- look in the links I keep on the right side of the blog for a list of the software I use most.


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