Single Tracks, Vocal

Backwards in Time, Faster than Light

For SounDevotion Competition Round 69

Download courtesy of dropbox

Backwards in Time, Faster than Light
Uchuu wa jinsei no mirai desu.
(Space is the future of life.)

The vocals on this version of the track are from frozen renders, but they were synthesized in Renoise using satobox’s Renoid tool/technique from his default voicebank.

More information on Renoid is in English at
but its official site (in Japanese) is

Get the version with the actual Renoid technique from (needs KeroVee from )

The terse lyric is a reference to the concept of exotic matter, and the assertion that human beings will become extinct unless we migrate into space, from the requested theme.

English: Worldline of a faster-than-light sign...
English: Worldline of a faster-than-light signal. 中文: 快子超光速訊號的世界綫 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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