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Tricolored, featuring the 3 Girls of UTAU


The three major voicebanks of the UTAU speech synthesizer, Utane Uta (the default voice,) Kasane Teto, and Momone Momo are finally featured together in a double-CD. I’m proud that one of my songs was chosen to be part of it.

It debuted on March 8 at Vocaloid Paradise Kansai 4 event in Kyoto, Japan and will be available for sale in at least three other events:

April 25 – Vocaloid Ultra-M@ster 31 (part of NicoNico Superconference)

June 14 – UTAU Paradise 2 (Nagoya Congress Center)

Autumn 2015 – Kimi to UTAU Hibi (TBD)

Featuring songs by cinema, DACCHI, daniwellP, inaphon, keisei, Maihime Rikka, mia子, nakano4, polyline, tamaGO, ある調味料, ナノリータP, ミントP, ムジナ, やし, ゆうしゃざこ, りこるP, 不燃物P, 五右衛門, 市蔵, 薄塩指数, 藤本萌々子, 風原, 黒音カツキ and more. Thanks to the illustrators and everyone who worked hard on the project.

My song is “Kyori no Yume.”

Learn more about it at http://homepage3.nifty.com/st-zako/utau3G_tricolored/ and http://vocadb.net/Al/12301.

It can be purchased for mail order via Melonbooks at https://www.melonbooks.co.jp/detail/detail.php?product_id=123619 – you will need a broker for addresses outside Japan.

Full Length, Vocal



Rear cover

Seasons at archive.org

Download the entire EP as a ZIP file

Sample audio:

Welcome to slice-of-life desktop pop, presenting a collection of four songs for the four seasons, with synthesized lead vocals using AquesTone and UTAU.

Upon completing “Feel Sunshine” for the Minna no UTAU “United Together Around UTAU” project, I noticed that I created a song for each of the four seasons and resolved to make this EP, which collects them. The versions heard are new for this release, containing edits and new instruments and voices.