Full Length

On a Rainy Day (EP)

front coverrear cover

On a Rainy Day at archive.org

Download entire EP as a ZIP file, courtesy of archive.org

This was supposed to have been released in March or April, I’m sorry that it took so long.  Regular followers or SounDevotion regulars will recognize that I’ve themed the EP after a tune I created as an entry; from the beginning, I wanted the song to flow into a greater work that included some pieces that I originally composed in One-hour competitions but have been restructuring and improving over the months, until I could give the entire thing a nice flow.  The climax of “Found, At the Edge Of the Forest” was an entry for SDCompo as well, this piece given slightly different mastering and some real guitar to assist the sound of the sampled one.

Cover art by SirMarkus Kidd.

“Markus” mascot based on “Darkbrown Raccoon” by Ryan Radio.

“Littlegrey” mascot based on “Raccoon2MaleFemale” by MiniFeru Artizar.


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