Thank You For More Than 1,200 Hits

I would like to thank everyone that made the first week of the On a Rainy Day EP‘s release successful, including but not limited to the netlabel underground blogs that repeated the news of its release, spreading it quickly around the world. It had nearly twice the site hits as Release Zero did in a year. Now, I doubt the accuracy of the hit counter and assume that for every download of the album, each track and piece of artwork is counted as 1, but even considering that, it’s a much larger response than I expected, and still much more than Release Zero. Again, thank you to everyone around the world.

There was not a corresponding CD created for On a Rainy Day, partly to speed its release, and partly because I don’t believe the demand for a physical copy exists. Feel free to contact me if you think a physical release should be considered.

The music on this site is created for my personal enjoyment of the process of creating it, so it is always wonderful when someone else enjoys the result.  Thank you once again.


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