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Welcome to slice-of-life desktop pop, presenting a collection of four songs for the four seasons, with synthesized lead vocals using AquesTone and UTAU.

Upon completing “Feel Sunshine” for the Minna no UTAU “United Together Around UTAU” project, I noticed that I created a song for each of the four seasons and resolved to make this EP, which collects them. The versions heard are new for this release, containing edits and new instruments and voices.

Compo, Single Tracks, SounDevotion Competition, Vocal

Springtime Air

Download courtesy of archive.org

For SounDevotion Competition Round 57, placed second.

Featuring the AquesTone singers http://www.a-quest.com

I saw a lady in the supermarket that seemed way too happy to hear some Motown; that’s the energy I wanted for this.

Aquestone speech synthesizer only has phonemes for Japanese, giving the vocals their strange character and making them admittedly difficult to understand.  I am considering practicing with UTAU for future projects.

Time brings out the sunshine
You’re still soaked from the rain
It won’t wait until you’re ready
Flowers bloom make it uneasy

It will have to do
Moment yours alone
Springtime comes, it makes you nervous
Not the same to anyone else

Greeting with a smile, she calls your name, you can’t resist
Her smile and her sweet stare
In the springtime air

The nights are still cool
Before summer invades
Springtime beckons you
Anticipation makes you nervous