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Picosong ピコの歌

For Famicompo Pico 2014 Freestyle Section.

This song placed 3rd.

Let’s make happiness forever.

Thanks to all participants, congratulations to the winners Chip Jockey, MovieMovies1, and TQ-Jam. I hope this can continue for a long time.

3D Momo by CHANxCO

Single Tracks


Famicom controllers.
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For Famicompo Mini 7

What you hear in this is an emulation of a Famicom (Japanese NES) with the Namco (N106) sound expansion chip found in the “Mappyland” cartridge.  This was programmed on the day before the deadline, the piece I really wanted to turn in wasn’t polished enough.  I’m very pleased with its result, tied for 30th of about 78 entries in the originals section; I usually finish in the upper-middle in this contest.  There were a lot of amazing entries, it was quite difficult this time around.