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The title is pronounced “Aura Lee” and is based on a melody that is from the 1850’s and is in the public domain.  Any resemblance to a song recorded by Elvis Presley is strictly coincidental.

When the owl in the Spring, in the willow tree,
Sat and rock’d, I heard her sing, Singing O RLY.

O RLY, O RLY, Meme with owl of white;
Epic lulz she sleeps all day,
Stays awake all night.

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No Wasted Time

Korg DS-10
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For SounDevotion Competition, Round 53

Taking samples of something I noodled in Korg DS-10 and then tracking (with Renoise) around them generated a result that feels neither like tracking, nor like jamming on DS-10.  Please recall the 90s when there were a lot of tech/trance music that dared the listener to sit through repeating motifs and watch for very subtle changes.  Thankfully, I’m not that subtle.

The lyric means that extremism is not rewarded as often as it may appear to be, and that something can be gained from any experience, positive or negative.

There is no home for the quiet
There is no home for the loud
There is no home for the humble
There is no home for the proud

There is no wasted time.