Single Tracks, SounDevotion Competition

When New Ideas Don’t Work Try Old Ones

For SounDevotion Competition Round 85

This round featured Dexed, a great DX7 VST. Though I learned synthesis on a 4op Yamaha, 6 operators make a world of difference I wish I had a long time ago, to a point that I priced TX802s…. (For the price, a bunch of Dexed instances in Renoise beats trying to control and mix a TX or two, no doubt.)

Many of the tones have a Renoise LFO adjusting a modulator’s ratio. This causes the overtones of different hits to change slightly, creating a more realistic sound in some cases, an effect I exploited often when I was in college.

Compo, Single Tracks, SounDevotion Competition

Another Step

For SounDevotion Competition Round 84

This entry was an experiment with the new instrument features of Renoise 3.0, particularly the built-in phrase editor and the “maYbe” 0Yxx effect.