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Everything Must Change (For You), So That Everything Stays the Same (For Us)

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Everything Must Change (For You), So That Everything Stays the Same (For Us) is a return to the RPM Challenge in 2011 (The RPM Challenge is a public dare to create a recorded album using the time only in the month of February to conceive, compose, record, produce, and master) and is named after a paraphrase used in the blog Spike Japan (http://spikejapan.wordpress.com) to describe the country’s economic structure.

As with Release Zero, the RPM Challenge was in the same month as Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip VI and contains mastered versions of some entries there. The blend of chiptunes and samples of varying rates with RPM’s time limit causes a rough blend of sounds and styles, beginning with the eerie and soft and gradually moving towards the tongue-in-cheek only to return again.

I had originally started this project with the intent of using only the classic ST-XX sample disks (such as the overused ST-01) for Amiga Protracker for sources of sound as a tribute to the tracker and demoscene that inspires me to create; however, after four or five different attempts to go through the samples and create a piece good enough for release, I found that I was editing the samples until it didn’t matter what they were or where I was getting them from, they all started to sound too similar.  Winter Chip began, so I did the same thing I did for Release Zero- I used my Winter Chip entries as tracks.  It took quite a bit of polish and even some rearranging (and retracking) to get it all to blend.  Perhaps it is the nature of the RPM Challenge to make records that are rough and don’t flow well, but by taking the challenge twice I’ve learned that there is a feel in working quickly that does not come out when I work slowly.  I hope that this work is enjoyed all the same.

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Geocache (Release and Prototype Mixes)

Geocache used in the Geocaching sport.
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The 2009 RPM Challenge gave me my second most popular song by listens and the only song that generates consistent sales for me, a track called “Geocache.”  It began life as a “One-Hour Compo” piece done during that certain February, it was poorly mixed and arranged, and it was appropriately voted 12th best of 14 entries.  When I listened to it, though, I noticed I had some really good chords and melodies, and that given a better mix and arrangement it could be a strong.

Click here to follow my attempt at the 2011 RPM Challenge.

And many thanks to all around the world that have made this song a success.