Single Tracks, Vocal

If It Turned Out I Didn’t Need You

Demonstrating the Megpoid (Gumi) English 2-week pre-release in February. The final version releases 2/28, please leave a comment if you think I should save for one to use on later songs.

This is an older song that goes back to the time when I wrote too many lyrics instead of too few, quickly arranged to see how well it would sound using an English language VOCALOID voicebank, with very little adjustment. The voice sounds Eastern European to me, as if a Czech or Ukrainian is singing it.

When was the last time you helped out?
Why are you never around?
What would you say if you were kicked out?
Under all your smiling do you even have the slightest clue what I say to you?
Do you even have an inkling of what would likely happen

If it turned out I didn’t need you,
Then what would you do?
If it turned out I didn’t need you,
Your arrogance would show right through
If it turned out I didn’t need you
I wonder why I waste my time on you

Why do you play while I do the work
That you find such a bore,
Making silly, childish jokes,
Laughing all the while you pretend you never heard a word I say to you
Then you look flabbergasted, because you think I’m childish too

But if it turned out I didn’t need you,
Then where would you go?
If it turned out I didn’t need you,
Would anybody let you know
If it turned out I didn’t need you?
I wonder why I don’t just let you go

Would it put your soul to rest
If you go down your path?
Would it make you satisfied?
Would it even cross your mind to think about all the things I say to you?
I guess we look kind of funny, because we can’t admit

That if it turned out I didn’t need you,
It wouldn’t do us well
If it turned out I didn’t need you,
It’d be pathetic, can’t you tell?
If it turned out I didn’t need you,
Then you would have left me where I fell
I wonder why you put up with me as well.



Sites like this one cannot publicize themselves fairly under the restrictions suggested by the SOPA and PIPA bills. I’ve had a song removed under YouTube’s take-down-first guilty-until-you-swear-you’re-innocent system, and the notion that a Congressman can think that sort of arrangement is constitutionally acceptable is disturbing. I worry that this kind of protesting will continue to fall on deaf ears, but if this does reach an appropriate politician, understand that every day that a non-violent demonstration is ignored is a day closer to the day when our activists decide that we should resort to other measures.

Ask a soldier, protection of the US Constitution is worth dying for.

See you next time.