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Lydia Valley and Lydia Cave

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For SounDevotion Competition Round 49, the round’s theme was orchestral instruments.

This was starting off to be a piece in four movements but I decided that it would be better to have two good and completed movements than four rushed and unmixed ones.

I. Lydia Valley
II. Lydia Cave

The first was supposed to be a Philip Glass or Terry Riley pastiche, but as it turned a little too RPG/Movie sounding I figured it would be better to abandon the proverbial rules and finish what I had than to ruin a style I only have a slight intellectual (not aesthetic) interest in.  In further retrospect, I should have made the mallets sound more accented although that isn’t in the minimalist style.

The second, I decided to take the dare from someone to make a big orchestral climax without the use of a drumset. In fact, I don’t think there is even a crash cymbal.